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The need for vitamin C for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers is even higher compared to normal adult women. For pregnant women, it is recommended to consume Holisticare EsterC because the low acidity level (pH) is relatively safer and does not increase nausea commonly experienced by pregnant women.

Holisticare EsterC can be taken at any time, either before or after a meal. It can be consumed 1 time a day for health maintenance and can be increased to 2-3 times a day when sick or in recovery.

Holisticare EsterC is relatively safer for long-term consumption since it results in a lower oxalate level compared to ordinary vitamin C, therefore, it has a lower risk of kidney stones.

All Holisticare EsterC products have low acidity levels (pH), so they are relatively safe. Nevertheless, we recommend taking Holisticare EsterC tablets for people with sensitive stomachs, since the effervescent variant contains soda which can trigger the stomach.

It is certainly not. Vitamin C is not produced by the body so humans need to get their daily intake of vitamin C from outside. When a person who regularly consumes vitamin C supplements feels less fit when not consuming them, it means the body signals the lack of vitamin C which is usually fulfilled by the daily supplement intake, not because of an addiction.

Almost all vitamin C products on the market, including Holisticare EsterC, use synthetic raw materials. However, the effectiveness and antioxidant properties of synthetic vitamin C contained in supplements have been proven to be as good as the natural vitamin C contained in fruits and vegetables. For example, it takes about 400 grams of fresh strawberries or 500 grams of oranges, and 500 g of kiwi to replace the nutrition of 1 tablet of Holisticare EsterC.

Ester-C® is a non-acidic vitamin C with neutral pH and is gentle in the stomach. Several clinical studies have proved that Holisticare EsterC results in a lower level of oxalates and risk of oxalate precipitation in the urine compared to ordinary vitamin C.

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